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Main Story

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so the story is , when you go with your boat in the ocean, your boat is drowned, then some minutes after, you found an island called "south axel island" and you decided to go to that island, after some weeks of survive, theres some builders in this island , they want to make an apartment in this island, then some days later, they see a weird monster in their building, so then they will close and nuke the apartment due to survive, but then after nuke, theres some toxic gas among us, so the builders decided to leave, but then theres a boat appears on the new harbor , so you decided to go on that boat and you discover an island an its called "north axel island" so then you live on that island.


  • The game Is inspired by Story game
  • The south and north axel island is inspired by North and south korea
  • The Nuke update is late (2-4 weeks and update)
  • Coming Soon...

North and south korea

Story game (Roblox)